UBC Video Portal for Learning Videos

UBC IT recently released UBC Video Share, a centralized video platform powered by Kaltura. This portal can be accessed directly at https://learning.video.ubc.ca/. Log in with your CWL credentials to access your account.

Features and benefits

This portal allows you to create your own video channel and share it with other users. You can upload your videos and access them from the Media Gallery on Connect, and embed them on different platforms (Connect, Blogs, Wiki, etc.).

This platform also has a video recording feature (screen capture and web cam), as well as a live streaming with comments on live feed. For example, if an instructor creates a screencast video with a PowerPoint presentation, Kaltura automatically creates chapters as he/she moves from one slide to another. A captioning (transcript) feature is also available for accessibility purposes.

For more information about UBC Video Share, please visit https://it.ubc.ca/services/teaching-learning-tools/ubc-video-share-powered-kaltura.