PeerScholar – Peer and Self-Assessment Tool

PeerScholar is currently being piloted at UBC. Fore more information, please visit the LT Hub website at

What is PeerScholar?

PeerScholar is a peer review and self-assessment tool for developing students’ critical- and creative-thinking skills. The tool’s review process has three phases:

  1. Creating: Students submit a written or multimedia response to an assignment and receive a grading rubric for the peer review.
  2. Assessing: Students see their submission alongside a set number of their peers’ (anonymous) submissions. In this context, students review their peers’ work as well as their own and give feedback based on the rubric provided.
  3. Reflecting: Students receive their peers’ feedback for their own submission and may revise and resubmit and/or submit a brief reflection statement, depending on instructor preferences.

If this tool is of interest, please contact the LT Hub at