Register for T-BLE! (coming soon in 2019)

Hello everyone,

If you know instructors interested in adopting a blended learning approach to their teaching, please note that the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology will be offering a course entitled Teaching in a Blended Learning Environment (T-BLE).

What is T-BLE?

T-BLE is now a 4-week immersive blended course aimed at instructors who are already teaching in the classroom and are considering moving to a blended environment. Participants will have an orientation to blended learning, an opportunity to redesign a module from a current course, and a chance to collaborate with others and gain authentic experience with the blended learning environment.

We have recently revised T-BLE to reduce the course length and update the course to include more emphasis on examples and approaches to blended learning at UBC and include new approaches to blended learning design such as prototyping.

Find out more about T-BLE at

What is the format of T-BLE?

There are three face-to-face sessions that participants must attend, along with online activities, in order to receive a certificate of completion. For more information, please contact Lucas Wright at