Delivery Methods

You can share examples of effective delivery methods with online teaching and learning in this page. New posts will appear below.

Register for T-BLE! (coming soon in 2019)

by mdias on January 30, 2018
Hello everyone, If you know instructors interested in adopting a blended learning approach to their teaching, please note that the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology will be offering a course entitled Teaching in a Blended Learning Environment (T-BLE). What is T-BLE? T-BLE is now a 4-week immersive blended course aimed at instructors who are […]
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Pathways for Self-Directed Learning

by mdias on April 20, 2017
Pathways for Self-Directed Learning are suggestions for carrying out self-study. Students can achieve certain tasks by themselves, as illustrated in the following visual representation of learning pathways:
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UBC Video Portal for Learning Videos

by mdias on April 19, 2017
UBC IT recently released UBC Video Share, a centralized video platform powered by Kaltura. This portal can be accessed directly at Log in with your CWL credentials to access your account. Features and benefits This portal allows you to create your own video channel and share it with other users. You can upload your videos and […]
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Open Education Resources

by lucaspractice on February 29, 2016
Amanda Coolidge, Cindy Underhill and Lucas Wright presented on Open Education Resources and discussed the benefits and challenges associated with the concept of open in a higher education context specifically. Below are links to their presentation and additional resources. Why Open Teaching and Learning? (Handout) Slides Open Challenge Bank Please visit the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology […]
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