Assessment and Feedback

Engaging your audience in real-time with Mentimeter

Mentimeter is a classroom response system similar to clickers, where the participants can answer multiple-choice, multiple answers or true and false questions from their smartphone. You can create an account for free, create a presentation and write the questions you want to ask. Your audience goes to the voting website, enters the code for your […]

PeerScholar – Peer and Self-Assessment Tool

PeerScholar – Peer and Self-Assessment Tool

PeerScholar is currently being piloted at UBC. Fore more information, please visit the LT Hub website at What is PeerScholar? PeerScholar is a peer review and self-assessment tool for developing students’ critical- and creative-thinking skills. The tool’s review process has three phases: Creating: Students submit a written or multimedia response to an assignment and receive […]

Self and Peer Assessment on Connect

I have been using the self and peer assessment on Connect for a reflection activity in several physical therapy courses. Throughout their program, students engage in a series of five-week placements to develop clinical reasoning, and the critical reflection on their placement has become an important aspect of the program. In this particular context, students are […]

edX Peer Instruction

This Peer Instruction tool was developed by CTLT to improve critical thinking skills and enhance self and peer learning. It is available as an advanced component on edX and edX/Edge. Overview Over the last 20 years, Peer Instruction has become a widely-adopted instructional technique across higher education. It is the cornerstone of a range of approaches […]