CoP Presentations

During our CoP meetings, we have presentations on various topics related to instructional design. The current projects (TLEF, SoTL, others) are available below.  

Designing Open Texts

by afsaneh on March 11, 2019
Lucas Wright demonstrated how to create an open textbook using the Pressbook. Here is a link to the Pressbook that he used to present with in the session as well as the session slides:
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Teaching and Learning Professional Development Online Course Pilot

by mdias on March 1, 2019
Deb Chen presented a pilot project on Teaching and Learning Professional Development Online Course, a Canvas course composed of a series of modules on different university teaching topics (e.g. learning objectives, motivating students, active learning, assessment and alignment).
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How Learning Analytics can support student learning?

by mdias on February 28, 2019
Craig Thompson and Will Engle presented on How Learning Analytics can support student learning on February 27, 2019. Their presentation slides are available here.  
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Instructional Design CoP – February 27, 2019

by mdias on February 27, 2019
Please join us at our next ID CoP on February 27, 2019 from 1:45PM to 3:45PM in Irving K Barber Learning Centre, Seminar (Room 2.22). Register online at:
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Open Education Resources

by lucaspractice on February 29, 2016
Amanda Coolidge, Cindy Underhill and Lucas Wright presented on Open Education Resources and discussed the benefits and challenges associated with the concept of open in a higher education context specifically. Below are links to their presentation and additional resources. Why Open Teaching and Learning? (Handout) Slides Open Challenge Bank Please visit the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology […]
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